X-Treme IT Professionals
is fully committed to resolving your IT needs.
We promise to provide:
Same Day Service
Experienced and certified technicians
Computer Repair Updates
Returned Phone Calls
Convenient Customer-Friendly Business Hours
Competitive Pricing

Getting you back up online and operational are X-Tremely important to us.

We are proud to announce that we can:
Repair your pc quickly within 24 hours*
Give status updates and problems encountered with your pc
Provide you with the knowledge and details as to WHY and WHAT was affecting your pc
Provide a rapid response
Cost Effective Solutions

Our primary goal
is your X-Treme satisfaction, and an experience that will bring you back every time you need PC related services. We want to be the IT professionals for both your home and office, who will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

*24 Hour Repairs are dependent on the type of problem, what type of repair is needed, speed of pc, and if replacement hardware is necessary for proper fix